About IJMB Reviewer

We have all been wronged either once or many times. Well, maybe not exactly you. Perhaps it may be someone or a story you read. It is true, there are plenty of scams in the gain admission business, especially in the IJMB world.

IJMB Reviewer is an of a team of students, web developers and programmers that has worked with numbers of IJMB centres. Hence, we are worried about the industry and how often people request us to develop websites for their IJMB Business even while they have no centre, accommodation scheme, secure learning environment or any of the other must factors.

Hence, IJMB Reviewer was birthed as a IJMB industry specific search engine for both students and aspirants to research about the centre advertise the A’ Level program to them.

With our robust database, users can search hundreds of centres around the country. You can also check for reviews on your centre and be part of our rating team that score centres they truly know within the range of 0 - 5 stars based on their level of delivery, success rate and delight of past and presnt students.

On the IJMB Reviewer blog, we regularly review centres and provide detailed reports and analysis on their performance base on our unique students recommended metrics. To further help you succed, our team of adept writers and profoundly successful students daily provide practical HOW TOs for you to succeed in the IJMB program.

In our Vlogging series (to be started soon), we weekly interview successful students that have made mark in the IJMB examination in the past to give aspirants insight into how they attain there success.

We also look forward to providing answers to past questions and dishing out e-Books and guides. This will be made possible after our consolidation with the topmost and truly reliable IJMB centres in the country.

You can register an account to have access to our robust portal where you have access to all power-packed information this platform seek to provide and will be providing in the nearest future.

IJMB Reviewer is a growing platform with more to include in other to better serve the need of its audience. The focus of the platform is to help IJMB candidates make the right choice while it matter the most.

We aim to limit the chance of admission seekers getting fraud. We also want students to choice the best IJMB centre that will help them achieve there admission goals.

We also hope the platform serves as a window for IJMB centres around the country to pick ideas of what is working from their competitors. Hence, a world of quality and standardize centres may arise.

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